What is the goal of Hearing Everett?

Our goal in producing this project is to give audiences a true vision of how God works through ordinary people and provide opportunities to experience mission first hand.  

How do I promote the film in my church and community?  

Setting up a church screening is easy. Once you have purchased a screening license we will provide you with a promotional kit for social media and church bulletins. 

Can I order a DVD or printed version of the materials?

We offer printed study guides as well as DVD versions of the film and study guide. Please email us via our contact to purchase hard copies of the film. 

Yes, T.C. and Jim, and the cast have spoken around the world. This is probably one of the most  powerful additions to your screening. Email us for more details. 

Can I have  the producers or director, or cast come speak at my church?

Yes! Strong Tower Ministries will help you organize your trip. It's a turn key experience. Join literally 1000's of volunteers who have taken weekend and week long trips to Baja!

Can I visit Rancho Sordo Mudo as part of my service trip?

If you are like most small groups, finding a simple way to take a weekend mission trip can be a challenge. Our partners at Strong Tower Ministries offer year round weekend and week long service trips to Baja Mexico at an affordable price.  They have multiple opportunities to serve in a varity of areas and are happy to design a custom trip for your church or ministry. Please email us for details. 

What kind of service trips do you offer?