"...to prepare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up..."  Ephesians 4:12

Dear Pastor, 
First, we want to thank you for everything you do to serve the body of Christ in your local community.  We appreciate you and realize that you have one of the hardest jobs in the world!
As a partnership of a non-profit organizations who believe that the local church is a sleeping giant in a hurting world, God placed it on our hearts to make a tool that would help pastors and leaders move their congregations into the local community and the world.  When we began this project we had you in our thoughts and prayers.  Our goal was to create a tool kit that could help give purpose and meaning to people's lives;  and it all begins with giving.  
Why a "movie tool kit?"  In today's culture, media is the #1 influence on people.  It was our desire to create a quality movie and study guide with value that you would be proud to introduce to your church.  We also felt it was time to tell the real story --the story of Jesus Christ who loves us and has a plan for each of our lives.  
We are here to help you in any way we can.  Again, we appreciate you!
In His Service, 
The Hearing Everett Team